Riley the Dog

We made a new addition to our family this past Spring. Jordan brought Riley home with a bow around her neck and I just couldn't resist her. We are having lots of fun with her and she is keeping us very entertained. Sadly, I am afraid that we have become sappy pet owners.


Spring Break in New Mexico

We consumed a lot of Starbucks on this trip!
We decided to take a road trip this Spring Break to a place we had never been together - Albuquerque, NM. We did a lot of driving guided by the TomTom. Highlights from the trip included : hiking, visiting an Indian pueblo and seeing the white sand dunes (beautiful! - have you ever been?). And, of course I took way too many pics (the reason for three posts). We had a blast! We are glad that spring is in the air and cannot believe that the school year is in the home stretch.

Spring Break in New Mexico - continued

Jordan at the top of a very tall climb
In the pueblo ruins

We rode this tram to the top of a mountain peak where we had dinner with a beautiful view
The only pic of the two of us together from the whol trip!

Spring Break in New Mexico - continued

Jordan modeling his great thrift store find (the jacket) in Nob Hill


!?! OU Football !?!

Jordan went to visit our friend Elliot in Dallas last weekend while I was left to study at home but I did take a little break to go to the OU v. North Texas football game with my dad. I must admit that this was a bit of a conflict for my Razorback spirit but we had a good time. I missed being in the stands in Fayetteville and had to just watch the score scroll by in Norman. :(


Kyla and Titus are married!

We did make it back to Fayetteville last weekend for Kyla and Titus - now the Praters - wedding. Kyla looked beautiful and the ceremony was wonderful. Congratulations!

Two weeks into Medical School

I am starting my third week of medical school Monday and it has been a bit of a whirlwind! I got my first white coat, my first stethascope (and laughed because I didn't know what to do with it), had my first "pretend patient", have worked 4 afternoons on my cadaver, and am adjusting to the massive amount of material. This is a picture of all my books which I am sure that I will not have time to read entirely. All in all though I am having a blast. Sometimes it seems like a lot of book work but every day I get to do something or learn something that makes me think "wow! this is why i wanted to come to medical school". I haven't cooked in about a week and a half and so I am grateful for my sister, brother in law and husband who make sure it is on the table. I feel blessed to get to be here.